24 January 2010

Exciting news!!

Josh is the new worship/creative arts pastor at Relate Church! We are super excited. And to answer the FAQ, we are still living in Greenville, SC and working full time during the week. We travel up there on the weekends and back on Sunday night.

When we moved to G'ville back in December, we were constantly driving back down to Atlanta because Josh was playing at churches there on Sundays. One Sunday we were able to check out a church in G'ville but didn't quite feel at home. We didn't totally write off the church, but then Timothy Brown* started talking with us about his new church, and how they're looking for someone to head up the music stuff there. After lots of prayer, and visiting one Sunday, Josh and I knew it was exactly where we were called to be.

*Josh and I have known Timothy since around the same time we started dating-- early 2004 (Josh met him in late 2003). We met at Biltmore Baptist Church and have kept up with each other loosely over the years, but have also seen how each other have stayed strong in our faith, and that there is a consistency there.

So, at 23 & 25, Josh and I are now active members of our 2nd church plant. It's cool because a lot of the bumps in the road, we've met before, and know ways to overcome them.

It's also very exciting because we have a great venue (The Hilton in Biltmore Park-- a large live-work-play community in Asheville/Arden, NC) and a lot of awesome musicians to work with.

You'll hear a lot more about Relate in the coming months, but I'll leave you with the mission statement, and a funny picture from today.

Relate to God; Relate to each other; Relate to the world.

So what's so funny about this picture, you ask? Look at our shirts. The exact same color of red! And since we come up on Saturday night, we didn't have anything else to wear. Funny thing is, Josh suggested I wear that shirt today, then forgot about it. Clearly.

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Tiffany said...

That is my favorite picture of you and Josh. Its great!

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