06 December 2009

We're moved in! I hope to have pictures to post soon. We don't have cable or internet yet (I think we're getting U-Verse!), but apparently one of my neighbors does, cause I'm getting a faint signal here in my living room!

We chose a model with a sunroom, but I hadn't seen the sunroom until we actually moved in. I'd seen the model with the screened in porch. I was really apprehensive because, well, you just never know what it will actually look like. Turns out, we LOVE it! Instead of the porch (which we would never use anyway), we have a whole extra room! We're making it the dining room, and then what's supposed to be the dining room will be a place for Josh's music. It's perfect because it is practically an extension of the living room, and so when we have people over, he can entertain while we're all in the living room and it will feel like the same room.

Oh, and we have the PERFECT spot for our tree! We're putting it up as soon as we get everything else arranged. It's our reward! (yes, we have to reward ourselves like five year olds)

Turns out, most cats hate moving and it may take them days and weeks to adjust. Our cat would not come out of the kennel we transported her in until I took it apart and she was forced to. Then she stayed in our bedroom for most of the day, sulking. But last night, she ventured a little past the bedroom door and sat on the edge of the couch. I was really proud. :) And as we speak, she just snuck out and is exploring the rest of the living room! She's so funny.

Well, I've got a lot of unpacking left to do!


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